• Hello I am Arif karim
  • Design & Build UI/UX
  • Love to Build Web App

I've got chops in all phases of the design process!

  • ideas
  • analysis
  • ui/ux
  • code
  • performance
bottom what I love ?

Simple and Interactive Pixels and Clean Design.

I design in the browser with HTML(5), CSS(3) and with the touch of JavaScript as well design web experiences and build brands, it has to be for minimal, simple and interactive pixels. I love to write code everything from scratch

Responsive Design

I designed created by combining one well-crafted HTML page with multiple sets of CSS styles, and then using media queries to target each set of screen.

Clean Coding

I always have ideas that are considered best practice to write clean code within my project. I always think it is easy to understand and easy to change.


User experience is about making me things i do easy rather than frustrating. so I always designing each screen or page with which a user interacts and ensuring that the UI


Now a days WordPress running almost a quarter of all websites. It has a very loyal user friendly and dedicated development who bring me better features to project.

Project Tools

I always harness the power of highly tested libraries to improve our workflow and avail of greater possibilities when it comes to responsive design. From browser add-ons and plugins, to processors that streamline my code, there have never been more possibilities for creating awesome web applications.







Karim History

Here is a list of all the jobs i have held including the companies i have worked for, job titles, and dates of employment. In others, it may be limited to the past four years

karim's Portfolio

I actually process of making a portfolio helps me find out what i’ve actually done in my work so far – whether i am still in university or have been in the work force for years.


Bootstrap Shape Slider


Skoda Team Rhein Main


Tellja Referral Portal


M-net Widgets


FlexCode Template


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Mainz, Germany